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Obituary for Michael Tex Wilson

Born in Boulder, Colorado, and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Michael never lived in a place where he couldn't look out the window and see mountains. Though he moved to Canada at a young age, he strongly identified as an American, even after attaining Canadian citizenship. He inherited his national pride from his parents who met in Texas and blessed Michael with 'Tex' as a middle name.

Loved dearly by friends and family, Tex was tragically stricken with cancer at the age of 22. Our collective hearts were broken. How could it be that our boy would never get the chance to be a man? His strength inspired all who were around him cheering him on as he battled his illness. But then, he matured in an instant. He never thought of himself, always more concerned that this was hurting his family. He finally attained enlightenment, wise beyond his years, and our boy became a man. His complaints were minimal, his spirits bright.

Michael was a perfect child. He loved his gray cat, Brutus, but decided he wanted a kitten of his own as a friend and ally. So we welcomed Kitzel, an orange tabby, into our household. Kitzel brought joy to our son's heart! Love overflowed and delight was felt by all. No less than a thousand photos of these cats were sent to him during his long stays in the hospital.

We love you, Michael Tex! We wouldn't trade our memories of you for a million dollars!

Michael is survived by his parents, Thomas and Jennie Wilson of New Westminster, BC, and his brother Parker Roe of Tallahassee, Florida. He was preceded in death by his namesake, Uncle Mike, who passed in 1978 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. He too, was cheated out of a long and fulfilling life.