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Obituary for Giuseppe Gioe

Giuseppe Gioe, affectionately known as “Peppe” was born in the small town of Enna, Sicily during WWII. In 1963 he would emigrate to Canada where he lived in North Vancouver with his sister and her family. He was soon discovered by a local band and his career immediately soared.

Peppe became well known in the Italian community, performing at numerous events including The Italian Festival on Commercial Drive. In 1979, with the support of his family, he would open a fresh pasta shop at Granville Island where he enjoyed amazing success and soon after opened “Peppe Pasta Products”. Peppe caught the attention of numerous news publications where he was featured as “The Highlight of Granville Island”.

At the age of 59, Peppe graduated from Dubrelle Culinary School to become the culinary instructor known as “Peppe the Singing Chef”. Peppe warmed people’s hearts with his love of food and song. His students enjoyed posting video clips on YouTube (where they can still be found).

Peppe was very proud of his career achievements, however he would tell you his legacy and true joy was his family. He worked hard to provide and would say “family is most important” and time spent together was where Peppe’s heart truly belonged. Peppe loved and cherished his family until his last breath.

Peppe is survived by his wife Nina, daughters Anna-Sestina, Rebekah and Sandra, son-in-laws Mike and Keith, remaining family, and many close friends. He will be dearly missed.

Peppe passed away in peace, solid in his belief that Jehovah God would remember him and resurrect him as he promises at John 5:28,29, that one day in the near future he would live on a paradise earth as promised at Psalms 37:29.

You have left our lives, but you will never leave our hearts.